What are some random question to ask a guy

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Hey, I just want to keep the conversation going, and I need some random question for that. So, anyone help me out with decent random questions to ask a guy.

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What are some random question to ask a guy


Questioning a person is best part of human conversation to keep remaining one and know about the person clearly.

  • What’s the most magnificent earliest past you have passed?
  • What kind of friend you categorize them as best?
  • What’s the most perplexing moment in your life?
  • What’s your opinion about biggest problem in world are facing now?
  • Knowing about favorite actor and actress
  • Knowing about favorite book/TV show/game /song
  • Knowing about favorite dress and food.
  • Knowing about instance response, about newly love, about new job, after winning a lottery etc.
  • What is the most expected thing to him?

By through question that is intimated to his life can make him aware to expose on you and to think yourself gradually as a intimate one of his.By through question you can judge himself from every direction and its one kind of discover oneself before establishing a firm interaction.

Best of luck..

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