What are Solaris interview questions and answers?

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I’m about to install Solaris as guest OS through VMware, so I wanted to know about the Solaris Interview Questions and Answers. I’m looking forward to clearing the L2 stage, if you could only mention the important ones that would be great.

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What are Solaris interview questions and answers?


 Hi there, the basic Solaris interview Questions and their Answers are given below :


Q1) What is run level and also explain RC Scrip?

A1) Rc script is used to start and stop various process and also mount resources

Run level is Base on the init phases 8 run level

Q2) While booting, which file will be created

A2) # /etc/inittab

Q3) Where can you find the IP address

A3) # /etc/hosts

# /etc/hosts.equi

# /etc/hosts.hme

Q4) How to know about the speed of network card

A4) # ndd –get /dev/hme link_speed           

1 = 100mbps

0 = 10mbps

You’re welcome.

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What are Solaris interview questions and answers?


Here are several of the basic interview questions for Solaris:


Explain the boot process of Solaris operating system?


Boot process is divided into four phases:

  • * POST – Power On Self-Test, it will detect hardware, machine host ID, serial number, architecture type, memory, and Ethernet address and loads the primary program called bootblk.
  • * OBPROM – Open Boot Programmable:

    1. ** Diagnose the entire system hardware and memory
    2. ** Initialize the boot parameter
    3. ** Create device trees and load the boot block from 0-15 sector, which is called secondary boot programmable ufsboot.
  • * KERNEL INITIALIZATION – ufsboot loads the kernel (generic unix) then kernel loads all the necessary devices modules to mount the root partition to continue the booting process.
  • * INIT PHASES – it starts by executing /etc/init program and start other process reading the /etc/inittab files, as the directory in the /etc/inittab files.


What is the difference between init 1 and init s?


If you switch from multiuser mode to init s and then switch back to multiuser mode, the remote users automatically reconnects to the system. Whereas in the case of init 1, they have to reconnect manually which means they need to re-login.

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