What are the economic benefits of cloud computing?

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Do you think cloud computing is really economical, when it comes to our modern technology? How is the resource pooling relevant to the economical benefit of the cloud computing? It has been said that this cloud computing depends on the population metrics, how are they really related to the benefits of cloud computing?

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What are the economic benefits of cloud computing?


Cloud Computing is spreading around rapidly.  It is the technology that covers the whole world. Its beneficial technique for all aspects of life.  It has economical , social, benefits to reduce the collision and contradictions among the society.

There are some economical advantages of cloud computing.

  1. Reduced Cost: Cloud Computing is paid Incrementally. Therefore, this technology reduces the overall cost. Hence it is cost effective technology.
  2. Increased Storage: Organizations / Companies can store more data in cloud computing as compared to Private Computer Systems.
  3. Highly Automated: Due to Cloud Computing, IT Person has no worry to keep softwares up-to-Date. 
  4. Flexibility: Cloud Computing technology provides more flexibility rather than other past technologies.
  5. More Mobility: Due to Cloud Computing, Any one can access information from anywhere even his own desk.
  6. Attain Focus: Users have not to worry to update servers. Websites are free to access information.
  7. Cloud Computing economics depends upon four customer population metrics as follows;
  • Number of Unique Customer Sets.
  • Customer Set Duty Cycle
  • Relative Duty Cycle Displacement
  • Customer set Load.

Cloud Computing reduces the costs, which affect the economy automatically. Hence, Cloud Computing is the technology which has more benefits especially, economic benefit.

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What are the economic benefits of cloud computing?


There are numbers of benefits of cloud computing that the subscriber, company and whoever use cloud computing. The most popular is cost cutting. This reduce cost of a company or a personal use because it'll give you more space and storage by the use of iCloud server. This means, you will not going to spend more money just to buy hardware for storage.

Instead of buying data server that stored large data, the organization prefer to use this benefits of cloud computing. You will be allowed to save, edit, delete data by the use of iCloud server. The more highly automated, the way of using cloud computing, the more low cost and reduce manpower the company or organization gets and this means money.

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