What is the advantage of Chrome at IOS?

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So finally Chrome is coming to IOS. Are all the features of Chrome will still be there at IOS? Will this be an disadvantage to Safari?

Will this benefit those users for Chrome who are at IOS? 

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What is the advantage of Chrome at IOS?


Chrome ranks good from the top free apps available on the apps store. Most chrome features from android or in laptops will be available for chrome in iOS.

It will be advantage for chrome since many desktop or laptop users use chrome for internet browsing.

Of course it will affect users from opera and other browsers in iOS, but they said that chrome will not be the default browser for iOS.

It is slower and can't be faster than other iOS browser like safari, because safari and other iOS browsers uses Nitro engine that make them faster. 

Now you can use chrome for any apple products.

Hope inform you a lot.

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What is the advantage of Chrome at IOS?


Hello Maxine,

Thank you for that very interesting question.

Well, yes it is very disadvantage on the part of  Safari because some user prefer to use chrome because it is very user friendly. Chrome serves as the competitor of Safari.

Since, users will know that Chrome is suitable to use on iOS. Some users will shift to use Chrome because has build its name and it has features that is unique from Safari.

The bottom line here is it only depends on the users if which of the two browser they are comfortable of using.


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