What is actually that cloud computing?

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Now a day I can hear many people talking about cloud computing and I never speak at that juncture because I know nothing about cloud computing. Is is the process of operating others computer through the internet or anything else. And are the terms cloud computing and cloud storage related with one another? Does cloud computing require a fast internet connection? Can we use the facility of cloud computing as a free member. These all questions are left unanswered in my brain so I would be grateful towards you if you could clear my confusion.

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What is actually that cloud computing?


Hello Christian!

Let us eliminate your questions one-by-one.

1.  What is Cloud Computing? The process which several resources, databases, computer are launch and or interconnected to one another that allows centralized access of data storage. It can be classified as private, public or hybrid.

Private Cloud Computing – is only intended for private organization or any distinguished business. This will require a vast security processes to obtain a secured line and protect data and information. Most of the time this is not for free. You have to have a license or membership, or must be a stakeholder in the business.

Public Cloud Computing – this is most of the time free to public and anyone can access at the same time protecting data and resources.

Hybrid Cloud Computing – is a combination of the two mentioned above. This is integrated to use data with the interconnection of client resources and also server resources making it sure that the user who is accessing certain information will be limited according to their security access.

2.   Cloud Storage. Usually operated by the host or service provider. Storing all data information into group of servers. This is much larger than cloud computing. Business owners or groups can accumulate cloud storage and pay for the space they used. It can be used as a back-up for national disaster. Files are being access for editing by accessing to different computers.

3.   The requirement of the speed of the interne twill depend on the data that is being stored in this virtual storage systems. You can increase the bandwidth in your computer basing it on your requirements. The more data you’re processing the more bandwidth you need to a lot in you system.

4.   Your last question, can you use it for free? Yes there are multiple sites offering free cloud storage. It will also depend on your security requirements and storage. Most of this free services offered can give you 1TB of maximum storage.

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