Web site problem on blank white window

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I was just refer you site from my friend hope you can give me solutions on my problem. This is my question: When I try to open a link in a web site I get a blank white window. Like in Hotmail when I get e-cards and try to go to the card it just brings a blank white window up.

This also happens when I try to open something as a print version.

Any solution?



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Web site problem on blank white window


Hi Edwin,

With regards to your question the site could not display if there is a host problem of that site. Some site are unresponsive frequently due to the host which has an error that time. You can try to reload it anytime it happens. I also experience that kind of error when i used an outdated version of Google Chrome, I just simply redownload another Google Chrome and install it to my PC, and it really works. Lastly, check your browser settings delete all cookies, History from the beginning of time, Turn off your computer press f8 then choose safemode or start your windows normally. Kindly repeat this steps once you encountering this type of error.
Tony Stevenson
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Web site problem on blank white window


Well, that could be a problem occurring as a result of the following reasons:

  • Your interconnection speed is so slow, and therefore the page does not load fully. In case you have opened many tabs in the browser that you are using, then you will need to close some of them so that to minimize on the bandwidth that they are using and therefore increase the internet connection speed.
  • It may be also a problem being caused by the browser that you are using. You will need to check the settings in the browser, if the proxy settings have been altered and thus affecting the connection of the browser, then you will need to restore them to the normal settings that you use. You may also try using another browser and see if it will work well without bringing the blank page problems.

-Clair Charles

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