Face book and Apple a threat

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Google's co-founder Sergy Brin in a recent interview said that  the openness and accessibility that paved way for the invention of the internet is now besieged by a serious danger from Facebook and Apple.

What is this threat?

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Face book and Apple a threat


Hi Mr. Fostar,

In this interview with the Guardian, Sergey Brin which is the Googles co-founder warned that the Internet is at risk from very influential forces like Apple and Facebook.

Sergey Brin specify these severe threats to the internet that the group of governments was gradually trying to control access to the open internet .  

The industry of entertainment is attempting to break down on piracy and the increase of what so-called wall gardens citing Apple and Facebook which is strongly manage what the software is capable of releasing on their platforms.

I am hoping this was helpful to your question, good luck.

Stanislava Yap


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Face book and Apple a threat


Google co-founder Sergey Brin has stated in an interview that the open Internet is currently now in danger from powerful companies like Facebook and Apple.

The threat that he was stating are the rules that both companies have. He said that the rules are very restrictive, afar from the kind of environment that Google developed,and the openness is the reason why Google as a search engine was developed. 

He said that he would like Facebook and Apple information to be available in Google search engine. He also complained how hard it is to move Facebook data to other services such as Google+.

A great danger according to him was the fact that the social networking site, browsers and search engines becomes a monopoly that limits innovation.

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