Want to replacement my HTC ONE X due to wifi issue.

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So I researched a bit about this and found that when I gently squeeze the back of my HTC ONE X the wifi signal quality improves and when i release the grip the signal quality falls. Is this what they call the Death Grip?

Am I eligible for a replacement?

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Want to replacement my HTC ONE X due to wifi issue.


I’m not sure if you can call this a defect or a factory defect on the mobile phone since the device can still receive Wi-Fi signal even though it’s not that good as what you said.

You may try returning it to the store where you bought it and explain to them what you noticed about the device’s Wi-Fi signal reception.

But I think demonstrating to them the way you do it on the phone to improve its Wi-Fi reception by pressing it at the back would change their mind since it’s like abusing the device and it’s not the proper way of handling the phone.

You may also try turning it off then open its back cover and then remove its battery for about 5 – 10 minutes to completely drain the phone from all the charges generated by the battery. Install the battery back after the time has elapsed then check if this fixes it.

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