What is Blizzard suffering for?

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Blizzard is suffering from some technical problems. But what kind of problems are they?

Is it solved or not? Are the users safe now?

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What is Blizzard suffering for?


Good day,

Yeah i heard about that problem. its about the Diablo 3 release they said that this is the most

Disappointing launch of their game after world of Warcraft. Blizzard statement was they are apologizing about the launch issue failure for having the gamers to experience logging in game.

A problem only created because the game requires an always on connection starting from moment one. as of now there no clear solution about these problem. Blizzard is still looking for solutions about the matter.

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What is Blizzard suffering for?


The issue with Blizzard Entertainment has something to do with security which is maybe due to an increase in unauthorized account logins. The problem started with MMO World of Warcraft where they noticed an increasing number of unauthorized logins from different user accounts that’s when they issued the security warning.

Blizzard took both the website and the mobile auction house offline to carry out an emergency maintenance after players reported that they lost gold and items from the game. Most of the players discovered that the Mobile Armoury was used to spend big amounts of their gold to purchase excessively expensive white-quality items on the auction house.

This is one method of laundering gold in favor of the posting player. Blizzard Entertainment certainly verified it had detected a recent increase in unauthorized account logins originating from both the World of Warcraft Mobile Armoury app and the website. They started sending email messages to users that are not authenticators and whose accounts experienced unauthorized access.

They request them to reset their accounts. They also said that all gold and in-game items will be restored to affected accounts through customer support. They added that they really can’t guarantee the security of all accounts that’s why they encourage each player to change their password occasionally to add protection to their account.

This is one way of adding a somewhat defensive barrier over their account. According to their customer service representative, those accounts that use an authenticator are safe. The security issue with the website has already been fixed but the auction house accessible via the Mobile Armoury app is still offline and will remain offline while they are investigating.

This issue is no different to what I experienced in Cabal Online that’s why I stopped playing it. All of the in-game items and gold I collected over time has vanished in just a matter of 24 hours. Like for example, I played today and all my coins and stored items like armors and magic accessories are still intact.

After logging out, I was able to resume playing the day after tomorrow. After logging in, I checked all stored items like what I used to and then I realized that nothing was left, not even my gold. My coin balance was already 0. That’s when I decided to stop playing since it is already popular that time the incidents of account hacking.

I complained to their customer support about what happened and they only replied to change my password and nothing else. It’s very unfair for a player who consumed great amount of time to level up and collect valuable items to improve player stats to just realize one day you’ll be surprised that you’ve been robbed.

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