Want to protect the junk mail on windows mail.

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Hello Friends,

I am using windows mail and tired of some junk emails and advertising. Please any one help me to increase the junk email protection on mentioned Windows mail.

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Want to protect the junk mail on windows mail.


Hi there, 

I think you need help regarding the avoidance or removal or prevention of spam from your mail. 

I suggest moving on to GMAIL or Google mail. Its the best mail in all words and works well. I've been using it for more than 5 years and i find it very easy and convenient. Its fast and flexible too.

And importantly very less spam. 

And please remember, Never give your Email ID to all websites. Only give to the trusted ones.

This is very important since if you give your Email ID Unnecessarily them the chance for you to get Spam is very huge. 

Good luck.

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Want to protect the junk mail on windows mail.


Hi, Lj!

I know it is a frustrating situation to get spam and junk emails every time from unwanted email senders. Though Windows Mail has its own filtering system where you can tweak according to your liking, you are still vulnerable.

In this case, I would like to recommend to you two of the best protection you can get as to this date.

1. When you sign up with Boxbe and enroll your email address, Boxbe establishes a Guest List so Boxbe knows who's important to you. Boxbe automatically maintains your Guest List and lets you update it with simple approval actions, visible as you read your email. 

Messages will be delivered to your Inbox under conditions you control and Boxbe enforces. Mail goes in your Inbox if: the sender or the domain is listed as a Guest or the sender makes a simple extra request. Otherwise messages you receive are placed in to your Waiting List a special folder or label (Gmail) Boxbe creates and maintains.

2. ​Sign up with SpamArrest – It uses a Challenge- Response, which is a three-step process that keeps the spam out of your Inbox. 

1. An email is sent to you, which the Spam Arrest system receives.

2. If the email is from an ‘approved’ sender, the email is routed directly into your Inbox.

3. If the email is not from an approved sender, the sender is then sent a ‘challenge’ message explaining your decision to subscribe to the Spam Arrest service, and the steps necessary for them to authorize themselves so they can become one of your approved senders. Senders only have to authorize themselves once, and their email will automatically be routed directly to your Inbox from then on. 

Automated spammers don’t respond to the challenge – response system, so their email expires after 7 days in your Unverified Folder. You can personally review your Unverified Folder should you choose, but this is not a requirement for the successful elimination of spam from your Inbox.

I hope the above two simple applications would help you eliminate the junk emails you are getting.
Thanks and have a blessed day!
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Want to protect the junk mail on windows mail.


Thanks for your advice Alex! I chose to use Spam Arrest and as for now I will recommend Spam Arrest to other people too. It is very useful software.


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