Want to find out some basic features of Hadoop

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What is Hadoop? Are Hadoop and java similar? Is it open source? How do I set up Hadoop? Which operating system is needed to set up Hadoop? Is there any risk to use Hadoop? Can I connect any database to Hadoop? Can Hadoop need JRE? What is HDFS? Please say something about Hadoop on Amazon EC2/S3 services.

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Want to find out some basic features of Hadoop


Hello Juan!

Hadoop is an open-source software for storing and processing bulky/big data on large group of hardware. It always perform basic task for massive compilation and storage of data and fast and convenient.

The best features of Hadoop are as follows.

1. Properly distributed data – this moves all data into a storage, and will be able to save up to 100-200 million files.

2. Accuracy and Speed for Transfers – Hadoop evolved and changed its infrastructure. More convenient and faster way to save files and avoid slow transfer rates.

3. Exclusive Availability of Data Stored – making sure that by all means and time your data is always available with no problem or file corruption.


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