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I am from Pakistani user and i want to create PayPal account but there is not option for Pakistani user. Please tell me any solution can i create account if yes then how.


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Dear Shaheen,

Pay pal stopped there operation in Pakistan since 2010 and Pakistani peoples no more use pay pal for their financial transactions. You can try money bookers for financial transaction in Pakistan. Money Bookers have easy setup and low charges.

But, if you want pay pal account then you got help from your friends who are living outside of Pakistan. They make account for you and when they received payment, they send payment through wire transfer into your account. One of my friends living in Pakistan use this technique.

Take care.


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Hi there,

I am very sorry to inform you that Pakistan is one of the countries which are not approved to use PayPal.

Only PayPal management can explain any further reasons.

You can use many websites that allow payment, try this Link.

Please do visit their site for your queries.