Walmart to convert DVDs into digital form

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Hey! What will really happen to DVDs if the move of Walmart be globalized and followed by other DVD stores and will sell their movies into digital format already? Thanks

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Walmart to convert DVDs into digital form


Nothing will happen to dvd's it will stay the same as it is, but people will have more options now on which they can transfer their dvd to digital format.Beginning April 16, consumers will be able to take their DVDs to about 3,500 Wal-Mart stores and have a digital copy stored in the cloud — a storage system offering access from a broad array of Internet-connected devices — for $2 each. Customers will have the option to upgrade standard DVDs to high-definition online copies for $5 each.

Wal-Mart — by far the nation's largest retailer of DVDs — will be the only store that can offer so-called "disc-to-digital" until its period of exclusivity ends in the fall. The retail giant received exclusive rights from the studios in exchange for an aggressive offer to launch the service first, according to people briefed on the matter but not authorized to discuss it publicly.

They were particularly excited about the disc-to-digital option, which they said would acclimate consumers with existing DVD collections to storing their movies online.

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Walmart to convert DVDs into digital form


That’s right. That’s also what I’m thinking. DVD is the hard or physical version of a movie and many people still prefer using it rather than playing a movie file or a video file which is the digital version of the movie on a computer.

It is much easier to play and watch movies on a DVD disc using a DVD player because you only need to turn on the DVD player and then insert the DVD disc and start playing the movie and watch it on your TV screen. While when watching a movie in digital format on a computer, sometimes you get problems with the media player that loads or opens the file and plays back the movie.

The best application of digital format in movies is for storage purposes. DVDs can’t be preserved for a long time. It can have scratches on the surface as a result of wear and tear because you always insert it on the DVD player. It will eventually wear out in the long run if the disc is severely damaged and becomes unreadable and unusable.

When the movie is in digital format, in other words is converted into a file, the movie can last for a lifetime longer than the lifespan of the DVD disc. Movies in digital format can be stored on the cloud or on the internet so you can access it anytime aside from storing it on your computer hard drive.

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