Changing Wallpaper on different User Profiles

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Hi Techy,

I am having a hard time reinstating my wallpaper every now and then. Our desktop computer’s operating system is a Windows XP.

I am not sure if the desktop brand or model is important or needed in my problem, but just in case, it is an HP 5750. My older brother is gay, and I am not ashamed to tell that.

However, whenever he changes the desktop’s wallpaper, it affects mine. So, once I logged in, I am seeing his preferred wallpaper.

Are there settings I need to change for me not to be able to get his wallpaper on my profile?

Please feel free to raise any suggestions, I will definitely try them.

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Changing Wallpaper on different User Profiles



What you can try to do is create your friend and your own user account in Windows XP so that whatever changes your friend does in his account you won't see on your account. Here's how to do it:

  1. First click Start then go to Control Panel and pick User Accounts.
  2. Then choose Create a new account
  3. Choose your preference of account type, either Administrator or Limited, the description is there so you can just read there.
  4. Click the Create account button.
  5. Now create another one for your friend by doing the same.

Now every time your friend uses your computer he should go with the account you created for him and you should go to the account you created for yourself, so any settings changed in each account won't be seen by the other and that includes the wallpaper.

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