VMware Workstation – Looking for Solution

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I find a problem to set up OS in Virtual machine.

I attach some screenshot her.

1. Usual Settings

2. When I try to set up, this appears

Windows XP Professional – VMware Workstation

Software virtualization is incompatible with long mode
on this platform. Disabling long mode. Without long
mode support, the virtual machine will not be able to
run 64bit code. For more details see
Do not show this hint again
Unable to process CD-ROM device 'D:':The system cannot find the path specified
Please ensure that your configuration is correct.
Virtual device ide1:0 will start disconnected.

I need to solve these. Please help me and give a solution.

Thanks a lot.

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VMware Workstation – Looking for Solution


Hello Christine,

The error you are getting is as a result of compatible issues. You will need to check your system specifications and make sure that the virtual machine is supported by the OS you are using. Other workarounds to consider are the following:

  • Try powering your system off and the turn it back on.
  • After that you will need to boot the physical host from the ISO, so that it will be able to confirm the state that you CPU will be in after it is booted.

Another workaround will be to:

  • clear the BIOS and reset it to the factory defaults.
  • After that you should re-enable virtualization and then cold boot the system.
  • It should work well after that.



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