I got the error “Line 305 invalid”

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I have been using the Retro software to backup the Windows XP computer to an external hard drive. Recovery from trojan attack made me to think making a recovery CD. So after the system recovery, I backup all the files and proceeded to make a CD. I have the recovery partition on the hard drive and also have installation CD. In the process of making the CD Retro prompted to insert the installation CD and redirected itself to the recovery partition.

But I got an error that the file would be too big to fit on a cd and asked to insert another CD. I got the same error on inserting the CD I received with the computer. Then  I inserted another CD that I  have purchased and that was accepted and the recovery CD was created successfully. But on trying to boot for the CD, I got the error "Line 305 invalid". Can anyone help me to complete the process successfully? What can be done?

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I got the error “Line 305 invalid”


Well, if the error message is indicating that the space on the CD is not enough to accommodate the backup that you trying to make, then you will need to obtain a storage device that has more space, and I will recommend that you try the following:

  • Instead of a CD, obtain a DVD which has more space and therefore it should accommodate the data that you want to backup.
  • Instead of the CD, you can alternatively use an external hard drive for the backup process.

Otherwise you may try to consider scanning your computer again for any viruses that might be causing the problem, if it is not strong enough you will need to get it updated.

-Keegan Robb


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I got the error “Line 305 invalid”


The reason why that happened is because you used a CD instead of a DVD. A standard CD can store around 700 MB of data while standard DVDs can store about 4.7 GB of data. That’s about more than six times a standard CD can store. To fix the problem and successfully back up your data, purchase a DVD-R.

Note: to burn data on a DVD, you need a DVD writer or a Blu-ray-ROM/DVD writer drive. Another way of backing up your data is with an external hard drive. This will not require you to burn DVDs because the files are saved directly to the hard drive. You can also use a USB flash drive to back up your files. USB flash drives are improving.

The one I have here is an Imation flash drive and it can store about 4 GB of data. As of 2018, the largest available you can buy in terms of capacity is around 2 TB while the most frequently sold flash drives ranges from 8 GB to 256 GB. 512 GB and 1 TB are the least purchased capacities.

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