Visual web Developer 2005 Express Edition error has occurred

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While working in “Visual web Developer 2005 Express Edition”, I get an error message like the screenshot. How can I solve the issue? Can you please help me here?


‘Visual web Developer 2005 Express Edition

Cannot switch to design view because of errors in the page. Please correct all errors labeled’ cannot switch:’ in the Error List and try again.’

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Visual web Developer 2005 Express Edition error has occurred


Hi there David J Nelson,

Unfortunately, there is no quick fix for your problem. The error says you have some problems in your code that should be resolved before you can continue to the Design view. To resolve the problem you should open the Error list and go through the errors one by one. They are most likely just small typos or unclosed syntaxes.

Once you've fixed all the issuer you will be able to continue to the design view.

Best regards,
Drake Vivian

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Visual web Developer 2005 Express Edition error has occurred


Hi there,

Errors surely occur whenever you open design view, because of this form that exist “constructor on type custom type not found”. This base form does not consist of a default constructor. And this base form was FORM_LOAD initiated visual will no performed. The default contractor should have initializedComponent. And remember: Only DesignMode can check whether the form is in design view or not. Corrupted project files are the main reasons why this form is unable to open or start.

To make your worries free: go on with the steps

By clicking file solution explorer you can find the dialog box “view code” this option could bring back the view designer. So better to do is to close the visual studio, then open csproject file with a notepad and search xxx. case file, save the search xxx. case file and then go back open the project in visual studio;

see this sample:

For my form1.cs the definition then reads:


Other sample:

File below: visual studio.

In a Form “view designer”- you see option gone! (visual studio 2005) see image below.

Now copy this CODE

frmCopyTable. vb
frmCopyTable. Designer. vb into notepad;
Delete them; recreate them
Paste a code back.

See it if it will work.

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