Video card AMD R9 290X ( Radeon) is heating up too early

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Hi, I am using the video card AMD R9 290X ( ATI Radeon). It is one of the coolest video card I have ever used. But I am facing a bit of problem for last few days. The problem is – when i play high graphical games with it for two or three hours, the video card is getting over heated that causes the game slow down. Is there any solution for this problem?

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Video card AMD R9 290X ( Radeon) is heating up too early


Hi there.

Its actually a general problem with almost any graphics card. Basically when the graphics card is working if you dont have a good cooling process then it should get hotter.

You can do the following:

1. Buy a laptop cooler if its a laptop.

2. If its a PC then take out the CPU cage   from one side and keep it open while playing, this will make it less hot.

3. You can Use external fan for CPU as well to keep it cool.

Although there are some graphics card embedded controls like clock speed and many others, i guess this controls are not just pretty hard but kind of impossible for us to change , because it may malfunction that time. My advice use the natural cooling processes or take it to AMD store and make them do the software embedded work as the knows the best.


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