This version of HandBreak is 64 bit

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Good day to you reader.

I am having a problem with hand-brake, VLC concerning 64-bit processor. The latest version of hand-brake was released, boasting amazing features, not to mention its performance-boosting version of the 64-bit. It was doing great with all the hype and reviews. But the thing is, whenever I rip DVDs, it would require me to have the 64-bit version of VLC as an additional installation.

And what bothers me is that, the VLC is only at 32-bit versions only!
So, has anyone found a way to get around this? Please do share.
VLC found but not 64 bits
This version of HandBrake is 64 bits, VLC found but not 64 bits!
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This version of HandBreak is 64 bit


Hi Evan,

The reason behind the error is that is 64-bit Handbrake relies requires 64-bit VLC.

The reasons are slightly technical, VLC contains a library called libdvdcss, which allows reading from protected DVDs.

Handbrake, rather than bundling its own version of libdvdcss requires that you have VLC installed instead, while this is a great solution that prevents certain headaches for Handbrake, the problem is that both Handbrake and VLC need to be either 32 bit or 64 bit i.e. both must be compiled for the same CPU.

Thus, a 64 bit Handbrake requires a 64 bit VLC with a 64 bit libdvdcss library.

The solution is either to remove your existing 64 bit Handbrake use a 32 bit Handbrake and 32 bit VLC OR keep your current version of Handbrake and instead download a 64 bit version of VLC for your operating system.

Hope this helps fix the issues you have been facing.


Mclean Buono

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