VCenter Server 4.1 server crashed

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I was able to successfully install our vCenter Server 4.1 server.  Subsequent to that, I tried to create a new data center but I received a general system error and vCenter Server service stopped working.  The said crash generated an error from the application event log.  The irrecoverable trouble has happened, preventing Vmware Virtual Center service from working.  This is the message displayed: Error[VdbError] (-10) Column ID does not exist in table  VPX_ENTITY_VMOP_COUNT.  I already searched the database for the list of tables.  Unluckily, I could not find a table named VPX_ENTITY_VMOP_COUNT. 

Kindly give me steps on how I will solve the problem.

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VCenter Server 4.1 server crashed


There may have been problems that have occurred when you were installing the vCenter server, or the problems may have occurred during its configuration and therefore you will need to do the following:

  • Search the database one more time, and make sure that you use keywords associated to the error that you are receiving. If you find anything you think might be causing the problem then be sure to change it accordingly.
  • Reinstall the vCenter server, but then ensure that you follow each installation step carefully so that there is nowhere it malfunctions. When the installation is done, make sure that you have the manual for configuration, and follow each step as the manual guides you to do so.

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