Filemaker Pro Error on formatting date

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Hi guys,

I am have a scenario here about Filemaker Pro when ever I entered and date format, an error message will appear and ask me to change the date format.

I pasted below the screen shot of the error.

The value of this field must be a valid

date in the range of years 1 to 4000 and

should look like “12/25/2003”.

The above error message is telling me that the format of date I am entering is invalid, OK I understand I made a mistake in entering the date the date format that I entered is our format of date that I must use it, rather than the default of Filemaker Pro please help me change the date format of Filemaker Pro, so that it will conform to our standard,

Thanks a lot.

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Filemaker Pro Error on formatting date


Hello John,

First you have to check the files of your File maker software and scan your computer. Maybe some kind of virus is corrupting the files of your windows which support file maker or the files of your File maker software which are necessary for date format. If there is such a problem then try to fix it or repair the windows.

Otherwise try to fix it from safe mode instead of normal mode. or you should try to uninstall the File maker software and restart your system and re install it but from some other source and update it before using it, in this way your date format will be auto set.

But when you are entering the date just enter the date nothing else. You don't need to jump over week or anything else.

It will auto set and don.t show any error.

Hope this will work.

Have a Good Day!


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