Using HP Computer as a Wi-Fi hotspot for Smartphones

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Is it possible to share Internet connectivity with my Samsung Tab 3 from my HP laptop? I wish to perform this task via by laptop serving as a Wi-Fi hotspot instead of my smartphone serving such task or purpose? I would like to know the various steps to undertake to perform this task. Are there any special requirements that I ought to satisfy? Thank you.

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Using HP Computer as a Wi-Fi hotspot for Smartphones



Almost all laptops come with Wi-Fi network adapter built-in and so, using the adapter, you can easily create a hotspot to access from your laptop and share your laptop’s internet.

1. Download and install mHotspot.

2. Start mHotspot.

3. Type your preferred hotspot name in “Hotsopot name” field.

4. Type “Password” for your hotspot.

5. Select your internet connection from “Internet Source”.

6. Select “Max Clients”, meaning that maximum connection to the hotspot allowed. It’s optional.

7. Click “Start Hotspot”.


If your laptop has Bluetooth,

1.  Pair your laptop and your Samsung Galaxy Tab 3.

2. From your Galaxy Tab 3, go to Apps >> Settings >> Bluetooth.

3. Tap the gear icon next to your laptop from the list of “PAIRED DEVICES”.

4. Tap “Internet access” under “PROFILES”.

Thus, you can easily share your internet with your Galaxy Tab 3.

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