User want edit data in tabular format

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User has created a list with columns Student Name, Class, Percentage. He is able to add/update/delete user individually. he want to edit in tabular format. What do you suggest to him and point out if it has any dependencies?

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User want edit data in tabular format


Here are some ways in editing data in a tabular format:

A.  To edit data in a tabular format or if you want to make changes on your data check first if the record-locking is turned on then choose first the row that you want to edit , then the row of data will become highlighted that shows that it is selected. Another option in editing a data is to press TAB button or you can apply the manual procedure by using  the right and left arrow keys to choose the data that you want to change then type the data that you want to replace. Just repeat the method if you want to change the other rows.

B.  In a tabular format you can provide the formula instead of using a cell references. When you create and name the table you can use the design tab to make or write your own formula.

C.  Also at this format you can create a calculated columns as easy as that. The advantage of calculated columns in table is that the formula fills automatically to the entire cells in that column.

Examples (the first image is for letter B option and second image is for the letter C)


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