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My desktop PC USB ports are not working.  However, my devices are all working  correctly.   I have checked all devices on another PC.

But there is another issue, my USB keyboard and mouse are working on these ports. I do not know, why problem is occurring while I am connecting other hardware with these, but they are not working. Please help me.

Thank you very much.


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hi Emano,

Maybe this could help you.

1st step - Open your start menu.

2nd step - Click Windows update and check for updates on your computer.

3rd step - Install the updates that windows updates gives you.


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If the USB ports are not functioning or working on the computer, try the device in the ports of your friends computer.  Maybe your device is corrupted, if not your USB ports on your computer have a problem.  Reinstall the drivers and try to reformat your hard disk.  Before reformat, you must back up the files that are important to you and then install Windows from the hard disk.  After installing Windows, you must install the drivers of the USB.

After that restart your computer and go to the setup of the BIOS to your motherboard try to check the USB ports.  If enabled in the BIOS, simply update the BIOS and then just restart again.