USB Dongle not connecting automatically

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I’m not very good with computer and maybe its very silly to ask. I’m using a USB dongle to access internet. I permanently fixed it with USB port and set it up for auto connect when my PC will start, but it seems like its not connecting and every time its scanning for modem and signal. But when I unplug the dongle and reconnect then its connecting perfectly.

Is there any suggestion to solve this for auto connects?

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USB Dongle not connecting automatically


USB Dongle is a small device plugs in USB port and can receive a wireless signal.

This is may be due to either the USB dongle itself or to the USB port.

Make sure that the device is properly installed and configured in your computer.

If it is but still having issues, try another USB dongle. If the dialogue box doesn’t pops-up then you may have simple detection problem. Try restarting your computer.

If still it doesn’t solve the issue, you may either experiencing Port malfunction or compatibility.

Try another USB device; if still it won’t work you could have a bad port.

You could also try looking on My Computer, right click, click Hardware and click Device Manager. Look on the entry Universal Serial Bus Controllers. Expand it. If you see the word Enhance click it. You could possibly have USB v2.0.

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USB Dongle not connecting automatically


I think it is having a hard time connecting to the computer or rather a problem with the signal strength of your dongle to computer. I also suggest that you don't do any auto connects there might be problem with other start up device. But you can also try connecting it using the back panel USB ports of the CPU as it has a more direct way of having power from the power supply.

I also suggest that you buy a router that has a USB port as its modem to have a stable connection. Just configure the router using the CD guide provided when you buy your router. I'm sure this method will work, I already tested it with my USB broadband.

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