USB devices keeps on disconnecting

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For some reason I always getting a message that says my usb device is disconnected. After a couple of minutes, it will say connected again. It’s very annoying to hear the disconnection sound.

Right now these are the usb devices that are connected to my Dell Optiplex.

  • USB optical mouse
  • USB stick modem
  • Keyboard

I don’t know if the problem is on my devices or with the usb port of my computer. I tried unplugging them all and use them one by one but I still got that message. Also, I checked device manager and everything seems to be fine.

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USB devices keeps on disconnecting


Dear Susan Martin

  • you need to setup your USB device again. To do this open the CPU box and see the motherboard manual. there you will find the diagram where the USB ports are connected. There check according to your diagram. you open them up , and reset them there.
  • Again in the windows in device manager, disable all the USB panels and install them again .
  • This will solve your issue.

Thank you for your query.

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USB devices keeps on disconnecting



  • The possible cause of this problem is power fluctuations. Your USB devices may not be receiving adequate power need for it to function normally.
  • To fix this, try to disable all the power saving options in your computer. You can do this by going to "Control Panel", click on "Power Options", and choose a different power scheme.
  • Another possible reason is that your USB slot has loosened. You can buy a new USB hub, connect this one to your "good' USB port and try connecting all your USB devices into this hub.
  • Or, you can also opt to change your USB slot.

Hope this helps.

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