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Hello there.

I have here 10 images in my computer and I need them to be uploaded so that I can send them to my friend.

Its only possible for me to upload 1 image one at a time.

I needed them to upload at the same time to lessen the hassle.

What will I do to send them all at the same time..?

I would appreciate you helping me.

Thank you.

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Some Valuable tips to upload Multiple Images:

Desktop Applications are the efficient way to upload multiple files. With the help of SYNC Software We can drop files into the CX Sync Folder and then the files will be uploaded to CX.We can add many folders or files and will be uploaded and stored in sync software with web

With NEW CX we can upload a file of 2.70 CX with not much time, But if you use Lucas it take much time. Hope this tip will be beneficial for you

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Hi Morblack,

One hassle free option that you can use to share images is by using online storage. These storage allow you to upload your documents all at the same time and sharing it is easier too.

Here are some examples of online storage:

Google Drive (You just need to have a Google account to access this service)

Skydrive (Requires you to create a free account from Microsoft)