Upgrading Windows 98 SE to Windows XP

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I just bought an upgraded version of Windows XP Home so I could use my Windows 98 SE desktop.

I ran the CD but about half way through the installation, the screen froze.

There was nothing I could do but to shut off the computer.

It would not start up afterwards as if there was no OS installed. 

Should I discard my old PC or can I do something about it yet?

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Upgrading Windows 98 SE to Windows XP


Your PC must be Windows 98 supported PC. It might be able to run Windows XP as Windows XP needs low configuration to run your PC. It needs atleast 300 MHz processor, 128 MB RAM, 64 MB of graphics card supporting 800 x 600 resolution. CD/DVD ROM, Keyboard-mouse and other input devices and atleast 1.5 GB hard disk.

So if you have all of this configuration then you will be able to run XP. Your might have a problem with your CD. Your Windows XP disk might be missing some data. So you can change your disk and try again. I think you have got your answer.

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Upgrading Windows 98 SE to Windows XP


Morning Toffee, that is a good question you have asked. You should not in any way discard your computer before its completely dead! That issue can be solved. The problem here is that the installation CD might have been corrupted or had system files missing.

What you can do here is, disassemble your computer and remove the CMOS battery near the system BIOS and also the video card to see whether they could be the cause of the error. Then return them back after several minutes as shown.

Remove the battery and the video card.

After you remove and fix, restart you computer and do the following;

Press F2 on rebooting to enter the BIOS system and reset the system clock on the "Time settings" notification.

After you set the time, press 'Enter' to continue with the booting of the computer.

When the computer fully boots, remove everything that isn't essential e. g Norton, CD burning software, VLC player,etc.

Try doing a clean reinstall with command prompt (CTRL+Alt+Delete).

This should solve your problem. If it still hangs, look for another installation CD.

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