Updates failed in stopzilla on my Phone

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Hi experts,

I am getting the following error message on my Phone when I try to download updates an error message displays. The error shows that “iS3 Updater has failed to download updates”. I checked the internet connection and settings for date and time which may cause the error but they were all correct. Why am I getting this Update error? I really want to remove this issue.


iS3 Updater has failed to download updates. You can retry the connection or continue with install for files that have already been downloaded.

Incorrect cause this update failure. Please check your date and time settings to ensure they are correct.

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Updates failed in stopzilla on my Phone


Hello Jennifer,

Its seen in the research that Stopzilla is a rogue antivirus software and detected as malicious. It's categorized as spyware used by cyber hackers to steal important data, sensitive information, distribute personal data without any consent, does harm to computer and mobile devices. Research shows that it gives certain updates failure and other errors. For better results use AVG Avast to your mobile. We are advising you to uninstall Stopzilla before it does final damage. You can see many complains here about it: 

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Wagner Desantiago

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