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I am a Avast Antivirus user.

For the proper protection of the my computer I need to update the Antivirus.

But I do not know how to update the Avast  antivirus.

Now I need the  updating procedure of Avast Antivirus.

This is most important for my computer's  protection.

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Avast is an Antivirus software developed by Avast software’s n Prague, Czech Republic. Avast perform a scanning procedure for your computer programs to keep your computer protected by Malware or any other third party.
It also automatically detects malware happening and informs you about that.
Avast is a much known Antivirus software and it is used by more than 160 million users. Features of Avast  Antivirus are: File system shield, Mail shield, Web shield, P2P Shield, IM shield, Script shield, Network shield behaviour shield.
Avast also have capabilities of Anti spyware, Anti-rootkit, self protection and automatically updating the Virus scanner

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  1. Avast is the Antivirus which I am personally using for my system, and it is the best one. But it can work only when it is updated. To update the Avast Antivirus you have to make sure that your antivirus is registered and it is fully protected to your system. To update your Avast antivirus first you go to the Start menu bar on the right side, and right click the icon of antivirus or system tray and you will see the option of open Avast Antivirus or something like that.
  2. Click on that option after that choose the option Live update which usually in the left side of the bar. You must have the good internet access, so you can update the software after choosing the live update.
  3. Read the instructions and keep clicking on the button  Next and there will be a time  when it will ask you what kind of updates you want to do. Mark all the updates option and download the updates.
  4. After the completion of downloading  you will be asked to reboot your system to add these updates. After doing that choose the option of auto update so that you do not have to do this every time but the Antivirus gets updated itself whenever you get connected the internet.

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If you would like to learn more about Avast  antivirus, take a look at the following Techyv link which may help to understand this  better.

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