How does this norton antivirus work compared to other antivirus?

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Good day everyone! 

I just want to know what is the highlight and the main function of this Norton antivirus download.

Can anyone please explain to me the disadvantage and advantage of the Norton antivirus compared to others?

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How does this norton antivirus work compared to other antivirus?


Hi Ayannahana,

Norton Antivirus had been a solid performer in securing a computer.
Here are some advantages and disadvantages along with other antivirus.
Norton Antivirus
Good tools to eliminate hard to remove malware and other threats.
Regular product updates which are updated seamlessly.  
Ability to block downloads with security threats. 
SONAR Protection and Threat Monitoring that monitors your PC for suspicious activities.
Its very easy to use with its friendly interface.
Usually eats a lot of resources like memory.
Some settings are too advanced for an average user.
AVG Internet Security 2013
Do Not Track feature. 
Performance analysis. Online shield that blocks dangerous websites. 
AVG Accelerator for faster downloads. 
Excellent spam filter.
Browser toolbar that gives a safety level of the web page. 
Do Not Track button, that identifies tracking elements and allows you to block them. 
Trouble installing on malware-infested computers. 
Doesn't protect against very new exploits or very-new phishing sites. 
Slower boot time in performance tests.
Avira Internet Security 2013
High scores on PCMag's malware blocking test. 
Do Not Track toolbar. 
Backup system. 
Little effect on performance as it consumes a low resource. 
Some reports showed that Malware cleanup damaged some Windows files. 
Limited protection for phishing websites. 
Firewall that lacks advanced features. 
Spam filter slows down email download. 
Backup is local only and has no option for online storage.
Hope this helps you Ayannahana.

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