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I need help with AVG Anti Virus Free Edition 2012. After turning on my computer, I clicked “Install updates for Windows” then I get an error message from AVG saying: “An unspecified error occurred in AVG. Would you like to send diagnostic data to AVG technical support department for further analysis?” Is AVG 2012 trusted? Or should I not install any Windows update at all? Which one must be the cause?

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The problem that you are experiencing while you are trying to update AVG 2012 can only be resolved by a complete removal of AVG and re-installation. So follow the procedure to do that:

  • You will need to uninstall AVG by going to Control panel, and then Add/Remove Programs which is under Programs and Features in Windows 7.
  • After you have done that, you will need to reboot the computer.
  • And then you will need to use the AVG Removal Tool to remove as many traces of AVG as possible.
  • Thereafter reboot the computer again.
  • And then you will reinstall AVG using the latest available download which you can get here:

That should help fix the problem.

-Clair Charles

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Hi Kristina, 

I guess you are having problems with AVG 2012 antivirus, Hope you are using a genuine version. I don't personally recommend AVG at all. I recommend you to use kaspersky 2012, Let me tell you from my personal experience conspiracy is the best ever, it caught each and every virus in each and every corner of my PC.

1. The problem here can be solved by uninstalling the AVG 2012 first. Go to Start -> control panel -> add or remove programs (windows XP) or Programs and features (in Windows 7 ) and find the AVG and then uninstall it. 

2. Now update your windows files, by going to control panel and clicking windows update.

3. Now install FRESH AVG 2012 from their official website and then install it. 

And now your problem is solved.

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Techyv Experts,

Thank you for the information about AVG Anti-virus. And giving me the step by step process on how installing and un-installing it from my computer.

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Hey Kristina, 

Glad that my Answer worked for you.

If you have any more problems do post it here at

We are happy to help you.

Good Luck.

IT Expert.

-Lesten Pasio