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Good day to all, I am using iTunes as a means of entertainment while traveling. I want to add some contents of my iPod using iTunes, and I meet an error message, that tells me that my iPod could not be restored. I posted below the screen shot of the error.


The iPhoneiPhone” could not be restored. An unknown error occurred. (3014)

As I read the error, I don't have any idea about the error. What I did is to restart my computer and connected my iPod again, but same I encountered the same error message.

I used the internet to look for a similar problem and solution, nothing was posted.

Please share some thoughts on this error message.

Thank you.

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Hi Ballynolst! 

  1. Check if you're using a Proxy server, remove that server.
  2. Make sure that you're login as the Administrator and not as a Guest.
  3. Try uninstalling and reinstalling the software. restore the 3.0.1 update
  4. If you're using 3G, reboot in 3.0. You also need to download libush and iRecovery. This way you will unbrick your phone. Just follow the step-by-step instructions. If it asked you to type something, type it but don't include the quote ("") symbols. For example, if it says type "reboot", just type reboot.
  5. Once your iPhone is ON, you will get a prompt from iTunes saying that a software update is available.
  6. It will really help a lot if you have the latest iTunes software.

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Please follow these steps:

1.    Locate this folder:  C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\host

2.  Open “hosts” filename and open it via Notepad. It will look like this (2nd image below)

3. At the most bottom of the file add this:

4.  Start you phone in restore mode & do a firmware update.

These steps should make it work.

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Hello Ballynolst,

I recommend you to visit this Techyv page to know about different kinds of iPhone common errors and solutions.

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