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A unified messaging language pack is already installed for the culture

This is the error i get while trying to install a language pack


Some controls are not valid

-A Unified Messaging language pack is already installed for the culture 'fr-FR'. -The UM language pack file 'C:\Support\UM,Language,Packs\' doesn't exist. -No Unified Messaging language pack(s) were installed.

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Hi 45peeter,

You have to make sure that you uninstall first the fr-FR language pack that you are using. If you did not remove it, you might get the error you are getting.

If you did remove it but still gets the error, you might need to search for all kinds of files and registry entries containing the string ‘fr FR’. You need to also remove the French language code. Make sure that you also search for ‘fr FR’ as a key or value on the registry aside from data. Try to look here
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Exchange\v8.0\UnifiedMessagingRole\LanguagePacks and remove the fr FR value then try to reinstall again.