Unhandled exception occurred while playing games

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Today this error appeared on my desktop unexpectedly while I was playing a game. I didn’t have any error from this game until now and I doesn’t appear all the time but I would like to solve this. Any solution ? How can this error be solved ?

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Unhandled exception occurred [[email protected]]

Additional exception information has been stored locally and this application will be terminated.

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Unhandled exception occurred while playing games


Unfortunately, you did not mention the name of the game that caught the error so we can better assess the issue. But anyway, if the error doesn’t always appear, try restarting the game when an error such as this is caught during the operation. Try also restarting the computer. Also, make sure no other applications are running on your desktop when playing the game.

It could be a problem in the memory if other applications are running simultaneously with the game since PC games normally consume big portion of the memory especially if your game has great graphics. Try also reinstalling the game. You may also check its official website for an available patch which fixes most bugs in previous releases.

Don’t forget to check if your computer meets all the requirements especially with the graphics adapter and the amount of installed RAM. If your RAM is just enough to support the game, maybe adding more RAM will fix the problem and will also improve the game’s performance.

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