An unexpected error occurred during command execution.

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Hi experts,

I am using Microsoft Project in our office for the management of our projects. Sometime yesterday morning, when I went to update my project, and error occurred and displayed on my screen:

An unexpected error occurred during command execution.

Try the following:

· Verify that all argument names and values are correct and are of the correct type.

· You may have run out of memory. To free up available memory, close programs, projects, or windows that you aren't using.

This error only happened this time. I restarted my computer in hope it just need some refresh, when Windows XP Pro. SP3 booted up, I try to open again the same project, but same error welcomed me. There is no other project that is opened, so as other application running  at the time the error happens, I don't have any other computer here since this is a remote site to test the file. I am asking for some opinion on where this error originated.

Thanks guys.

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An unexpected error occurred during command execution.


Some errors affecting your Microsoft Project such as: Microsoft Project version, corrupted data, deleted Registry Entry in Microsoft Project and virus.

  •  Microsoft Project version: The software used to make the is a later version. Try using the old version to open the file.


  •  Corrupted Data: Try opening your file to another computer. The file maybe corrupted and this stops your data from opening and gave you an error.


  • Deleted Registry Entry in Microsoft Project: Uninstall your Microsoft Project. Download a Registry Cleaner to remove all previous Registry installation of Microsoft Project. This way, damaged Registry Entries are being removed. Install your Microsoft Project.


  •  Scan your computer with an updated Antivirus and re-install your Microsoft Project.
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An unexpected error occurred during command execution.



Your project got corrupted. There are two ways how to fix this.

1) Perform administrative restore of your project

2) Insert your project to a new blank project. To do this, lunch Project and connect it to Project server.

In new blank project click insert and choose the corrupted project.

Queen Norman.

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