Unable to understand USB 2.0

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I have desktop computer. I am using USB devices to transfer data. It takes too much time to transfer any data to the USB device. One of my friends asked me whether my USB is USB2.0 or not. I can not understand what is this?

How can I find out that whether it is USB2.0 or not?

I need some help to do this thing.

Please help me by telling how I find out the USB criteria.

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Unable to understand USB 2.0


USB2.0 is the technology of USB. It makes faster data rate for USB devices.

But every time your USB port is not reliable for slow data rate. There may be a problem in the device which is connected to your USB port.

However, let me tell you how you can find out whether it is USB2.0 or not. You need to go to the device manager. To do so: first go to your desktop my computer icon, right click on this and select the manage option. Now you have a new window.

In the left portion of the window, you get the device manager option. Select this option; in the right side of the window you get the universal serial bus section. Click on the plus (+) sign at the left side of universal serial bus.

There will be a list opened as shown in figure. Then you are confirmed that you have USB2.0.

The data rate of USB2.0 is 480 mbit/s. So it quite faster to use. To know more about this, visit the following URL:


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Unable to understand USB 2.0


Hi Sam Hudson,

First of all you must have clear definitions of USB 1.0 and 2.0. There are also other USB versions available but USB 1 or 2 have same connector and port that’s why people have confusions and less information about the difference.

The difference is data transfer rate at sides, port and the connector. Maximum data transfer rate of USB 1.0 is 12Mbps but that of USB 2.0 is 480Mbps. That’s all.

To verify check specifications of Universal Serial Bus in device manager you will come to know the USB port and attached devices version easily. Go and tell your friend. 

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