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Author: Kattie
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This is a horrible error that I encountered in my computer.

Notepad cannot be able to save some files and error will exist on the screen;


Common Dialog error (0x3002)

This is the first time I encountered such error message in Notepad. Before when I do some file and save the thru notepad.

Now that I've encountered some error the file could not be saved and need to restart again the action.

But nothings work! What is the error came from and what does it mean by the error code?

How can I fix and turn the notepad back to normal to be able to save .txt file?

Help thanks

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Hello Kattie,

Do you have all of the latest Windows updates?

You may also want to check and make sure you have the most recent version of ComDlg32.dll, even if you do you could try replacing the file anyway or run system file checker.

Link for system file checker :

It's a possibility but nothing concrete, this problem's been around in XP for years and AFAIK the results could never definitively be duplicated with respect to one file type or another (I had to deal with it several times at my old place of work).That's why it would be better from a troubleshooting standpoint to first check your updates and your version of ComDlg32.dll.

Hope this will work.

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There seems to be something wrong bout the way your are trying to save your data, your pc is somehow ”confused” about what your are trying to do. If this is the case, you problem should be solved by doing the same saving operation through a different path. You should go to your Start Menu, then Run, then notepad.exe and select the "Save as" option. If this works, it`s just a matter of how you are launching Notepad.

Good luck!