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Author: Liezl Gomez
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Hi experts

I have tried hard but I am not able to run gpedit.msc. I am using Vista Home Premium. When I open 'run' and try to run gpedit.msc, it does not seem to be running. I am not sure what way to take in 'REGEDIT'.
Please help. Thanks in advance.

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The Group Policy Editor is not available in both Windows Vista Home Basics and Home Premium so you will need to edit the registry manually to modify the settings. Microsoft has the spreadsheet that lists the policy settings for computer so you can be able to modify whatever it is that you're looking. The link is given below:

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Hello Liezl,

Note that gpedit is not included with Vista Home Premium. You can only get it in Vista Business, Ultimate and Enterprise editions.

If you need to use in on Windows Vista Home Premium, you might need to get third party dll's and then install them on your computer. There are some trustworthy places on the internet that you can obtain the .dlls for Vista, however simply downloading the .dlls will not mean that they will be properly registered. Try checking out the following site:

And see if you can get the suitable dll’s to download.

Hope this helps.