Unable to mount filesystem/device /dev/sda1 as /: mount failed

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I need your information about what I have. This is my problem. I'm install on my hard drive but before that I checked my HD if I have a enough amount and yes I have but the error pop-ups saying that I don't have enough HD memory.

I don't know why. My windows is windows7. See details below:


Unable to mount filesystem

An error occurred mounting device /dev/sda1 as /: mount failed: (2, None). This is a fatal error and the install cannot continue.

Press <Enter> to exit the installer.




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Unable to mount filesystem/device /dev/sda1 as /: mount failed


The fedora core installer is trying to install itself in the /dev/sda1 partition which is the 1st partition of the hard disk. And windows 7 usually installs itself in the 1st partition as well. That is why you are getting this mount error problem.

The solution is, when fedora starts the installation process, after a while it gives an option to partition the hard disk to create proper partition with compatible file system so that it can be installed in that partition.
You have to use this partitioning option during the installation process and create a new partition for the fedora install. Then fedora will be able to mount that partition and will be properly install itself.

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