Unable to display text, images or obejcts in PowerPoint Slides

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I am using Office 2003 and keep getting error messages in PowerPoint which say "PowerPoint was unable to display some of the text, images, or objects on slides in the file, "xxxx.ppt", because they have become corrupted.  Affected slides have been replaced by blank slides in the presentation and it is not possible to recover the lost information.  To ensure that the file can be opened in the previous versions of PowerPoint, use the Save As command (File menu) and save the file with either the same or a new name." 

There are no blank slides in the presentation, so nothing was replaced and doing the save as does not clear up the problem on the file, get the same message.

How do I correct?

Thank you all.

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Unable to display text, images or obejcts in PowerPoint Slides


Hallo Jeremy,

To resolve that issue that you are getting in PowerPoint, you might need to try round-tripping the file through html. What you will need to do is simply save the presentation as html, and then after that you will re-open it using MS PowerPoint. This is a method that uses clever technology which will reverse a website to so that it can be re-opened in PowerPoint.

Note that when you use the above method, you might not be able to reload all animations, as well as embedded and linked objects, but it is worth giving a try.

Hope this helps.




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