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I could not connect to my BlackBerry App World. It keeps having trouble on connecting to the Blackberry App World server. And ask me to verify my network and to try again. I’ve been trying for few times now to no success. I’m using BB Storm 9550. And also, my WiFi sometimes doesn’t work. How can I fix this? I am from Philippines.


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Please verify first with your network provider if your data service is enabled because you will not be able to connect if it's turned off. Now, If it's turned on and you're still getting the same error message, Try to do a hard boot on your mobile phone. Turn it off and remove the battery, Then turn it back on.

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Blackberry supports special network services. First you make sure that you are in the place with strong Blackberry network coverage area. Then you download Blackberry app world from your Blackberry Smartphone or computer and get started.

Thank you.