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Author: Jun Smith
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I am using windows 8 and I am having an error message for TV tuner when using consumer preview. What may be the reason? Can it be solved?

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Hello Jun It's great to have the windows 8 version and the error regarding to tuner card you are getting may be due to some missing of files from the application.
It may be also due to the crash error of the operating system and also try by formatting the operating system by installing a fresh and original copy so that it might work properly.
Even the problem is not resolved the problem might be in motherboard and its better to install drivers once again so that there is a minor chance that it might work properly.
Now its definitely works if not download the specific drivers that are required for completing the tuner installation to make it as successful.
Thank you.

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I need to provide some information which will be helpful in your case. and from the start, you need to type “device manager” to bring up Search, choose Settings, plus then choose Device Manager from the results.

You need to Press or else click the arrow besides to Sound, video, in addition to game controllers so that it expands .
You need to Press and hold (or right-click) the Tuner device, along with choose Properties.
Make a choice for the Driver tab, and then choose Uninstall. go after the directions to uninstall the driver.
The Tuner card may at the moment be listed in the Device Manager beneath Other Devices. Press along with hold (or right-click) the Tuner and choose Update Driver Software.
Make an Selection for the search automatically for updated driver software. If Windows Update is not capable to position a driver for your device, you will require to call the website of the maker of the TV Tuner card to discover the appropriate driver.