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Author: Trish Martin
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Good news for Transformer Prime TF201 owners. Now they can get free GPS dongle by signing into Asus member area. I want to know what is GPS dongle?

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Hi Trish Martin,

That is true Transformer Prime TF201 can now get free GPS dongle (external GPS extension kit) by signing into Asus member area. GPS dongle is a GPS receiver with the size of a USB drive. With this device user can easily add GPS function into its tablet, notebook or laptop. Is can be used by USB port of notebook. It is compatible with most mapping applications.

This dongle have up to 65 parallel channels and 160 dBm sensitivity which provide short start up time and fast signal acquisition. Baud rate can be adjusted as per requirement. Signal strength is good and can easily be used in remote areas.

Asus has launched free GPS dongle to solve the signal issues of Transformer Prime Tablet. Transformer owner can submit their applications up to 31 July 2012.

I hope answer will be helpful