Transferring Custom Ringtones to iPhone

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I have created 9 custom ringtones  and I want to put them into my iPhone. But not all of them could be transferred. And even if I would choose 5 of it, only two or three are being synched into the phone. So what I did was search in the internet on what should I do with this. Luckily, I found a post on a Verizon Community forum which worked for me. So how did I do it? First, I unchecked the 'Sync Ringtones' icon and ran a sync. Then I checked it again and ran another sync, and it worked! All of my ringtones are now transferred into my phone, and I can also assign them to the people I used them with before.

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Transferring Custom Ringtones to iPhone


This are the steps to get to transfer custom ring tones to your iPhone. You need a flash player both to create and listen to iTunes.

Open iTunes, open preferences in the iTunes, in the next window you get the general tab selected, then select import settings. After the importation click on the dropdown box and click on import using choose the AAC Encoder. Select ok and this gets you to the preferences again here click yes.

Select music in the left side bar choose the song you want to play as your ring tone. Select only 40 seconds or less of the song and then right click on the song and click get info. Select the option's tab which will be found at the top. Enter the start and stopping time in the corresponding boxes. Click ok at the bottom right then to go advanced and create AAC version from drop down menu.

Test play it to hear if it sounds the way you want it to. To make it an iTunes navigate to the folder where it is stored and copy the song and paste in the same folder. Change it from m4a to m4r and then save it in the name you want removing hyphens and underscores. Delete the first AAc your created by right click then delete. Drag and drop the folder into the iTunes, connect the iPhone to the computer, at the end of all this process you should be able to see you tune on the left side bar.

Click the apply button to have the music play.

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