IPhone 4s says, ”No sim card or sim card slot is empty”

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Hello, I am an user of iPhone 4s for last few months. A few days ago suddenly my iPhone says ''No Sim card or Sim card slot is empty". It even isn't showing the network bar as it was. I have restored the firm ware, have tried the jail breaking but nothing happened. Any solution for this problem?

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IPhone 4s says, ”No sim card or sim card slot is empty”


If your iPhone 4s Smartphone can’t find a SIM card or can’t detect a SIM card inserted into the phone then obviously it won’t show any network bars at the top of the display. I’m just wondering how come you’ve decided to restore the firmware of your phone if the problem is only with the SIM card.

This action can further worsen the problem you are experiencing on the phone. If your SIM card can’t be detected, why not try inserting a different SIM into the SIM slot and check if the handset is able to detect it. If not or the handset still can’t detect a SIM card even if you’ve already used several SIM cards, it is probably a hardware problem.

In this case, you should bring it to a certified Apple service center or to a certified iPhone service center to check the phone. It is also possible that your SIM card is already broken that’s why your phone can’t detect it. That’s why it is important to try different SIM cards to check if it is a problem on the phone or a problem in the SIM card.

In case you have a broken SIM card, just replace it with a new one.

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