Total volume of Raven 4

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Raven 4 is a great looking Case . I am planning to buy it. But what is the total volume of it . Will it fit my graphics card ?

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Total volume of Raven 4


Hi Christopher

When it comes to computer chassis, the brand that will ring a bell is Silverstone. Silverstone dedicates their work mainly on the airflow. With their great designs you can really tell that it’s a masterpiece. Silverstone released a new design called Raven 4 and the FT04 that will only differ on the materials used.

The Silverstone Raven 4 is a plastic case with a “Hi –Flow air Filter” that will maximize the airflow. It has removed the rear grill to achieve a better airflow. The FT04 of Silverstone has the same design and structure as the Raven 4 but the material used is aluminum. Regarding the graphics card, it will support graphics card at any length.
I would highly recommend Silverstone.

Hope you will find this helpful.


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