Tools for translation of Programming Desing Languae(PDL)

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Hi! I know that in the development of software there are different phases and parts where software is designed and the code is written. So in component level design what are the name of some soft wares and tools which can be used to translate Programming Design Language (PDL) into a code which actually belongs to a particular programming language?

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Tools for translation of Programming Desing Languae(PDL)



The tools or the software’s which are being used to translate “Programming Design Language” (PDL) into a code are as follows and these all actually belong to a particular programming language:

1.   C-Language-Programming-Computer-Language.

2.   C++ Language-Programming-Computer-Language.

3.   Pascal-Language-Programming-Computer-Language.

An example of the codes in a “Pascal Language”.

Hope this answer will help you a lot.

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