Tips to promote my website

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Hi Experts,

I need your help here.

I am new into website business and need help to promote my site.

What are the ways we can focus on promoting my website?

Thank's all

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Tips to promote my website



The best way to promote your website is to use SEO techniques, SEO is Search Engine Optimization, SEO will help you to promote your website, it doesn't depend of how cool your website looks but how much you know about SEO, i can give you some sample of these techniques but it's not a simple job to master quickly you need time and patience do promote your level before promoting your website!!

First : When writing your website content try always to use key words, this will help you user and the search engine to index  your web pages

Second : Learn how to use meta tags, these are not very important , still they have there own role , so learn how to use them

Third : Use a good webhosting services 

Fourth : Try to have your website linked from well known websites like , Facebook , twitter , myspace , g+ and mostly YouTube, make some videos to describe you website and give all information needed so users can reach it, BE CAREFUL THIS IS A CRUCIAL STEP, try to make the video the best way you can!!!

hope this helps 


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Tips to promote my website


The best way to promote a website is form a strategic marketing that best for your business. If your website offers product and services or that sells hardware or software, then you need to market this in the form of article making.

Create an article that describe how good your product is and how reliable the service you offer. Market a plan that offers not so expensive and cheap but the product is very high in quality.

An article that uses high rank SEO and meta tags. This are needed when creating an article. If you have good SEO then chances are, the search engine will high you rank among the list of website that offer similar to yours.

You can post a link to any websites, forums and social marketing. If you are well funded, you can advertise your website from other websites that is well organized and popular.

Do some games and offer prizes if they subscribed or buy your product. Make your website design more entice to look upon and well organized. But the main help that promotes your website really is to build SEO search engine optimization and meta tags.

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