Time in laptop always always 1/1/2006 after starting

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Hello! I have a problem with time and date in my laptop, after starting windows it shows 01/01/2006 00:00 am. I change it all the times, but each time after restarting the system it goes back. It bothers me because I can't use any website unless I change date and time. I tried to change battery but it did not help, right now my solution is simply do not turn off laptop, but I need to fix it. Thank you 

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Time in laptop always always 1/1/2006 after starting



  I know it must be frustrating for you to change it every time manually and not be able to use your computer properly. Here are a few solutions you can try:

– Detach every wire in the CPU.

– Clean the cabinet properly and attach carefully and tightly.

– Perform full PC scan in safe mode with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

– Fix the registry with RegistryBooster

– Check if the time zone is correct.

   After you have checked previous steps, and date and time are still the same even after the restart of your laptop, this is because they are not set correctly in the Motherboard's Bios (usually by pressing F2, F9 or F12), try correcting them and your problem should be solved.


Mathew Tand

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Time in laptop always always 1/1/2006 after starting


There are two things you can do to solve this matter.

1.   When your laptop starts, enter in Bios Setup by pressing “del”, “F2” or “Esc” key depending on your laptop brand and BIOS interface.

In this example, it’s F2, your laptop, may use a different key so pay attention to what key to press during startup.


Then update time to current. This example may look different from your laptop, but rest assured, it’s mostly found in the MAIN tab.


Save settings then exit.


2.   If it doesn’t solve the problem, then we’ll resort to more technical procedure.

In most cases, a dud battery on your mother board is causing your default time and date to restart to factory reset.

You need to change the battery on your laptop mother board not your laptop battery.

This is what it looks like.

If you’re not confident to change your battery by yourself, then contact someone who does.


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